Ways You Can Avoid Smelling Bad When Travelling

Ways You Can Avoid Smelling Bad When Travelling

Have you ever sat next someone who smelt very badly that you could not wait for the plane to touch down so you could be the first passenger to alight? If yes, then you know how bad smell can be irritating to say the list. Or do you sometimes have a feeling that you are making other passengers uncomfortable because of your bad smell? Well, maybe you have known that you do smell bad especially when travelling. But how can you avoid it?

As you grow older, you want to get 2020 Medicare Supplement Rates at https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/ meet and connect with new people and you want to make friends wherever you go. However, having a bad smell can stand in your way. Whether you have known that you do smell or you just want to avoid it in case there is a chance that you could smell when travelling, you should develop the practices to ensure that you don’t smell bad.

  • Keep your feet clean

Feet can smell especially if they are no clean. Make sure you wash your feet well before travelling. And in case you are those people who are prone to bromodosis, which is a term for smelly feet, then you should try as much as possible not to remove your shoes when you are travelling. Otherwise, you will let out the smell and you and the other passengers won’t feel comfortable.

  • Take a bath before going on a journey

Taking a bath is an effective way to keep bad smell at bay. Of course, as an older adult, you should bathe at least once a day. But even if you had had your routine bath earlier, you should always bathe again before you start your journey. This will ensure that your armpits don’t smell sweat.

  • Use a mild perfume

In case you are one of those older adults who naturally smell badly, then a perfume can come in handy. Use a mild perfume that is strong enough to neutralize your bad smell, but it should not be too strong to affect other passengers.

  • Avoid stinky food

To avoid smelling bad, keep off stinky foods. Eating onion rings or tuna sandwich make you stick when you are eating them and will also live you with bad breath.

  • Wear clean clothes

Makes sure you wear clean clothes when you are travelling. Clothes that were packed when not properly dry can also smell. So, make sure the clothes you are wearing are clean and that they dried properly after washing.